Bad habits :

OvereatingSkipping meals
Eating junk foodDrinking too much alcohol
Not exercisingWatching too much TV
Biting nailsSleeping too little
Sleeping too muchIgnoring hygiene
Overusing social mediaSpending impulsively
Not saving moneyRunning late
Interrupting othersNot listening
GossipingComplaining often
Negative thinkingHolding grudges
Not apologizingOverworking
Not taking breaksMultitasking
Not planning aheadLeaving tasks unfinished
Being disorganizedNot setting goals
Being unpunctualIgnoring feedback
Avoiding responsibilitiesOverpromising
Being overly criticalComparing yourself to others
LyingBeing dishonest
Taking shortcutsBlaming others
Being pessimisticNot asking for help
OverreactingAvoiding exercise
Overeating comfort foodDrinking sugary drinks
Eating late at nightNot drinking enough water
Ignoring self-careSkipping sleep
Excessive caffeine consumptionStaying indoors too much
Ignoring mental healthNot seeking medical help
Avoiding difficult conversationsNot taking responsibility
HoardingBeing wasteful
Overusing credit cardsNot budgeting
Ignoring billsNot tracking expenses
Avoiding debt managementNot investing
Taking excessive risksNot planning for the future
Avoiding houseworkNot cleaning
Leaving things lying aroundNot decluttering
Ignoring maintenanceNot fixing things
Neglecting relationshipsNot spending time with family
Not spending time with friendsNot communicating clearly
Holding back feelingsIgnoring problems
Avoiding conflict resolutionNot setting boundaries
Letting others take advantageBeing too agreeable
Ignoring self-improvementAvoiding new experiences
Being close-mindedResisting change
Not readingNot learning new things
Overlooking opportunitiesNot taking action
Not setting prioritiesOvercommitting
Avoiding challengesGiving up easily
Blaming circumstancesNot being resourceful
Not managing timeNot using a planner
Forgetting important datesIgnoring deadlines
Not reviewing goalsNot celebrating achievements
Avoiding reflectionIgnoring mistakes
Not adaptingNot accepting feedback
Being inflexibleNot building resilience
Focusing on problemsAvoiding solutions
GossipingIgnoring boundaries
Saying yes too oftenNot respecting personal space
Not following throughNeglecting personal growth
Not being proactiveIgnoring self-discipline
Being reactiveOverthinking

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